Your 3-Day Weekend Itinerary in Copenhagen: A Step-by-Step Guide


3-Day Weekend Itinerary in Copenhagen

Are you ready to experience Copenhagen as a native would? Putting together a nice vacation plan for three days that highlights the top places in the city is something I’ve done. We will visit well-known locations as well as some lesser-known treasures. There is no one who cannot benefit from this programme, regardless of whether they are travelling alone or with their children. Let’s make sure that you get to see everything that’s cool in your long weekend in Copenhagen!

1st Day of your stay in Copenhagen: Weekend Itinerary

On your first day in Copenhagen, Denmark start with a peaceful canal tour to see the city from its waterways. Then, wander through Nyhavn Harbor, bustling with history and color. Visit the majestic Amalienborg Palace to catch the Changing of the Guards. Explore Kastellet’s green surroundings and pay homage to the Little Mermaid statue. Stroll through the historic Nyboder area and, if it rains, the Design Museum offers shelter with its vast design collections. Admire the Marble Church, and relax in the Kings Garden. For art lovers, Davids Samling is a perfect rainy day escape. End your day with the enchanting Tivoli Gardens which is considered to be the second oldest amusement park in the world (Bakken, North of Copenhagen is the oldest amusement park in the world).

You’ll find recommendations for great places to eat, the best coffee and restaurant places, things to do and see with kids and many other activities in the Google Map that I have experienced myself and would like to share with you in this article. Please see the Google Map at the end of this article.

Day 1: Things to do and see in Copenhagen

Keep yourself in the heart of the city. See the map down below for further information!

  • Canal Tour at Nyhavn – enjoy a tranquil canal trip through Copenhagen’s historic centre. Choose between two companies: Stromma and Netto-Bådene.
  • Nyhavn Harbor – stroll across the harbour and explore colourful houses.
  • Amalienborg Palace – pay a visit to the Royal family and don’t miss the changing guards daily at 12:00.
  • Kastellet – explore the best preserved fortress in the Northern Europe.
  • Little Mermaid – say hi to the famous statue
  • Nyboder / Yellow Houses – walk through the ancient Nyboder quarter, which is known for its characteristic row of yellow buildings.
  • Design Museum – is an oasis for design lovers, celebrating Denmark’s contributions to world design.
  • Marble Church – free entrance though you can go to the top of the dome every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m.
  • King’s Garden and Rosenborg Castle – discover the rich landscapes of the King’s Garden, which surrounds the historic Rosenborg Castle.
  • Davids Samling (in case it rains) – free admission: Davids Samling provides a cultural refuge with its rich collection of Islamic art, as well as European and Danish modern artworks.
  • Torvehallerne – enjoy the flavours of Copenhagen at Torvehallerne, a bustling market that sells fresh, gourmet goods.
  • Tivoli Gardens – allocate an evening to explore this amusement park. Have a look at their website and check daily events.

2nd Day of your stay in Copenhagen: Town Hall and Christiania 

Day two brings you to Copenhagen City Hall, an iconic building full of history. If the weather turns, Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket and the National Museum of Denmark are great indoor alternatives. Capture the essence of old Copenhagen in Magstræde, and visit Christiansborg Palace for a taste of royal history and stunning view of the city from its tower. The Royal Library’s Peaceful Gardens offer a quiet retreat, or explore the world of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen at his museum. Don’t miss The Black Diamond for modern architecture and a climb up the Church of Our Saviour for panoramic views. End your day in the free-spirited Christiania.

Day 2: Things to do in Copenhagen

Explore the City Town Hall and Christianshavn area.

  • Copenhagen City Hall – free entrance, worth a quick visit to see inside.
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket – last Wednesday of the month the entrance is free.
  • National Museum of Denmark – learn history of Denmark.
  • Magstræde – stop by to take photos at the most Instagrammable street.
  • Christiansborg Palace includes area around – Marble Bridge, Royal Stables, and the museum.
  • Tower at the Christiansborg Palace – free entrance to the tower.
  • Thorvaldsens Museum – free entrance every Wednesday. Worth a visit especially when it rains.
  • Royal Library’s Peaceful Gardens – take a break and enjoy peaceful atmosphere.
  • The Royal Library / The Black Diamond – a modern Danish architectural marvel, glows on Copenhagen’s waterfront. Free entrance.
  • Church of our Saviour – go to the top of the church to see the view over the Copenhagen.
  • Christiania – finish your day in the bustling Free Town of Christiania, a community that challenges stereotypes with its colourful murals, diverse markets, and free-spirited lifestyle. Free entrance.

3rd Day of your stay in Copenhagen: Frederiksberg and Nørrebro

Your third day takes you to Carlsberg Byen for a blend of brewing heritage and modernity, and JC Jacobsens Have for a quiet moment. Learn about beer making at the Home of Carlsberg. Frederiksberg Gardens and the adjacent zoo offer lush landscapes and fun for families. Pay your respects to famous Danes at Assistens Cemetery (such as Hans Christian Andersen, Niels Bohr, Søren Kierkegaard are buried here), then explore the vibrant street of Jægersborggade in Nørrebro. Discover the innovative Superkilen Park and marvel at Grundtvigs Church’s architecture. If visiting in April, the cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg Cemetery are a must-see.

Day 3: Things to do around Copenhagen.

Explore Frederiksberg and multicultural Nørrebro area.

  • Carlsberg Byen – explore the newly build city area which is a home of a famous brewery.
  •  JC Jacobsens Have – visit the park.
  • Home of Carlsberg – visit museum and learn more about Carlsberg and it’s history.
  • Frederiksberg Gardens – explore the nature around, take a small boat tour in the canal.
  • Copenhagen ZOO – especially worth a visit with kids.
  • Assistens Cemetery – is the burial site of many Danish notables H.C. Andersen, Niels Bohr, Søren Kierkegaard.
  • Jægersborggade – the vibrant street in Nørrebro area full of vibrant jewellery stores, ceramics, clothes, bars and great coffee.
  • Superkilen Park / The Black Square – is a public recreational space/park.
  • Grundtvigs Church – take bus 6a from Skjolds Park or Rovsingsgade towards Emdrup Torv or Buddinge Station.
  • Visit cherry blossom in Bispebjerg Cemetery (mid-April month) – short walk from Grundtvigs Church

Head Home After an Amazing Time in Copenhagen

And that concludes your three-day weekend in Copenhagen! I understand it was a lot, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything exciting. To assist you, I’ve created a unique Google Map. It has all of the cafes, children’s playgrounds, museums, and other attractions that I have mentioned. This allows you to simply find everything, whether you’re travelling with your family or on your own. Enjoy your visit to Copenhagen!

My Present To you – Free Google Map

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You Need To Know For Your Weekend Getaway in Copenhagen

Indeed, a weekend getaway in Copenhagen would be ideal. It’s a fantastic city for a short trip because it’s full of historical, cultural, and contemporary attractions.

You should budget between 2500 and 3000 DKK per day for accommodation, food, and activities over a weekend in Copenhagen.

For a three-day visit, the Copenhagen Card can be very beneficial. It can help you save money by providing free admission to a number of sites and public transport.

With so many kid-friendly playgrounds, museums, and attractions like Tivoli Gardens, National Aquarium Denmark, The Experimentarium, Copenhagen is undoubtedly a great place for families. Have a look at my Google maps where I have included all the major playgrounds for kids around Copenhagen area.

Families should plan a three-day visit so they can take their time exploring and making the most of everything the city has to offer.

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