Aleks, your personal photographer in Copenhagen, will take you on a journey through the worlds of love, life, and story. I am here to help you craft your memories, making sure that your love story, family moments, and professional appearance are all beautifully captured.

I create tailored plans and packages to ensure that your most precious memories last a lifetime. This is more than a simple photo session; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a creative process designed to preserve the beauty of your love, the vibrancy of your life, and the creativity of the story you’re telling. Enjoy the magic all over again by replaying your favorite moments.


Capturing Copenhagen’s Precious Moments

love unveiled

Feel the romance and intimacy of your love story, eternally preserved.

Memories That Matter

Your stories will come to life, filled with positive emotions and a profound sense of accomplishment, ensuring that they are told and retold with joy.

Family treasures

Capturing the beauty of your family’s most important moments, preserving them with care.

Shining Brands

Make your brand shine and truly stand out in a competitive market with captivating commercial photography.

Your Personal Storyteller and Photographer in Copenhagen


The sun is sinking over the picturesque streets of Copenhagen, and you and the love of your life are there, waiting for the ideal photo that will represent your love story. Not too long ago, I was in a similar situation. Like you, my partner and I were set to embark on a journey and trying to figure out how to preserve certain moments in time.

There was excitement, but also a lot of uncertainties and questions. What can we do to make these times genuinely unforgettable? How can we make sure they will last forever?

This trip taught me the importance of adding a unique spin to photos. With some advice and a fresh perspective, we not only found our way, but made our wedding day into something we’ll always treasure.

Today, I’m here to be your guide, much like I was guided on my own journey. I want to help you transform those beautiful moments into cherished memories. It’s not just about capturing images; it’s about telling your unique story, with all the love, warmth, and charm that defines you as a couple. Your dream photoshoot begins here, where the personal touch makes all the difference.



I promise that I can make your desires come true with my carefully planned photography packages..

This is your big day, and Copenhagen is the perfect place to make it one to remember forever. Whether you’re celebrating your love, your family, or your business, these packages will help you create memories that will last a lifetime, with Copenhagen as your backdrop.

After a year, your ties will be even stronger because to the experiences you had, and you’ll always remember Copenhagen as the city where all of your dreams and memories came true. These packages are your ticket to leaving behind a piece of history that will be appreciated by future generations as much as it is by you, your loved ones, and your audience.

“My fiancée is absolutely over the moon with everything, as am I, and the photos have come out spectacularly.”




Reach Out to Me – Unveil Your Ideal Story


Hey there, let’s embark on a conversation about your upcoming photography experience in Copenhagen, whether it’s for a dream wedding, a solo or family shoot, or commercial branding.

I’m your personal photographer in Copenhagen and I’m here to hear what you have to say, whether you want to plan a huge party, document special moments, or present your company’s values. Tell me about the experience you have in mind for your photography, and together we can make it a reality.


Your Custom Photography Package – Crafting Your Story

custom package

Whether for a commercial campaign, a personal portrait, a family portrait, or a wedding. This all-inclusive package includes thorough preparation, location scouting on the streets of Copenhagen, substantial coverage, editing, and a gallery of high-resolution photos. Your package is designed to reflect the unique narrative of your love story or capture the essence of your special event. It will include:

Detailed Planning
Coverage during the day
Ideal Locations
Editing and High – Quality Images


Relive Your Story

cherish the moment

The moments caught on camera will always be special to you after your wedding day, a session with just you or your family, or a commercial shoot with your personal photographer in Copenhagen. You may create gorgeous albums that tell the stories of your love, decorate your house with photos that are meaningful to you, and quickly share the joy with your friends and family through a customised online gallery.

These photos are more than just pictures; they tell a beautiful story of your unique life that can be relived and celebrated. They can show the romance of a wedding, the warmth of a family gathering, or the professionalism of a business setting.



Nearly all of my clients experience this amazing outcome and I’m all about the final results.


Aleks was our wedding photographer and we couldn’t be happier with his work. He is incredibly talented and has a keen eye for capturing the most beautiful moments of our day. He was also very professional and easy to work with, and we felt completely at ease in his presence. We would highly recommend Aleks to anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Copenhagen.

Bryan and Michelle

I am thankful that we met Aleks in Copenhagen and got to capture memories of our time here. On this trip, my fiancé and I got engaged so these photos were planned by my fiancé to celebrate this special occasion. Aleks is very talented and he even helped my fiancé with ideas on where to do the proposal. Our photo session ended at the spot of our engagement, which was absolutely perfect. Walking through Copenhagen and taking these photos with Aleks was a highlight of our trip! We are beyond thankful for Aleks sharing his talents and creating photographs that we will treasure forever.

I genuinely couldn’t recommend anything more than hiring Aleks if you’re in need of a photographer in Copenhagen – he’s talented, communicative and just generally a lovely bloke.



Your investment in capturing those timeless memories with me will give you mementos that you will cherish forever. As a photographer in Copenhagen, I can help you plan a memorable photoshoot, whether it’s for a wedding, a family get-together, or a business.


from 250 EUR

Preserve Your Moments – This package is designed to capture unique moments.


Both candid and posed photos, ensuring no precious moment is missed.


Each image receives meticulous attention to detail to ensure it’s a work of art.


You’ll receive a digital gallery of high-quality images, perfect for adorning your home and sharing with loved ones.


from 350 EUR

Cherish Your Love Story – This package is all about preserving your special day.


We work together to finalize the details and plan the day.


If needed, I visit the venue to identify the best spots for stunning photographs.


I’m with you from start to finish, ensuring we capture every moment.


FROM 400 eur

Elevate Your Brand – This package is tailored to make your business stand out.


Create eye-catching images that set your brand apart.


Each image receives meticulous attention to detail to ensure it’s a work of art.


Quality photos for your marketing materials and online presence.


I know how awkward it is in front of a camera, I’ve been there myself. You can look beautiful in photos without modelling experience. Please note these quick tips for natural, attractive poses.

As a result, I would advise to have fun instead of static poses. Dance, hug, or twirl with loved ones. This evokes genuine emotion and joy.

I want you to enjoy yourself, make memories, and get great photos you’ll treasure. Relax, enjoy, and have fun—it’s your big day!

At events like weddings, photo sessions, and get-togethers with the family, I try to capture candid moments. Knowing how important it is to enjoy your special day without worrying about the camera is important to me. I guide portraits and group shots in a soft way, so you can be yourself while I take the picture. Even though I prefer candid shots, I try to make the most of Copenhagen’s stunning backdrop whenever I can.

My goal is to create an amazing set of memories that tell your unique story and let you relive your special moments visually. Relax and let your photographer in Copenhagen to capture your precious memories.

To improve your photos’ lighting, contrast, sharpness, and colour, I edit them as usual. While some people may prefer the original unedited RAW image files, I do not provide them because the edited photos reflect my photography style and standard.

I’ll email you your web gallery link when your photos are ready. Super-easy to use! Use the PIN to download your images, share the link with friends and family, post them to social media, and order prints. It’s your choice!

Your photo gallery is normally delivered within 2-5 days of your event, depending on the season. Most of my wedding packages include a selection of high-quality photos delivered shortly after the ceremony for instant sharing with loved ones.

I know you’re excited to see the final photos, so I’ll work hard to deliver them. My ultimate goal is to give you amazing photos.

If I get sick or something comes up and I can’t photograph your wedding, which is very rare, I have a network of talented local photographers in Copenhagen that I can call on to save the day. I will do everything I can to find a photographer who is as skilled and enthusiastic as I am about what I do. Don’t worry, though—I feel great and will be there for you the whole way!

Don’t worry, we’ll make the best of it together! Copenhagen has several indoor shooting locations, although the weather can be unpredictable (it rains a lot in Denmark, especially in autumn/spring).

Being ready is crucial. Consider a tent or backup venue for your outdoor ceremony in case of rain. Provide umbrellas for guests, and we’ll make the most of any scenario.

Rain can also create exciting photo opportunities—we could dance in it! Let’s make great memories for you regardless of the weather.

Working as a photographer in Copenhagen, I’ve met many beautiful couples who have shared their pleasant experiences. Therefore, I am sure that your experience will be just as wonderful if you take the time to read their feedback, so please do so.

I think it’s important for everyone to have a clear idea of what is expected of them and what their tasks are. That’s why I give you a contract along with the information about your reservation. The contract spells out everything we agreed on, like the date, time, place, and plan we chose.

In addition, there is also important information about when to pay, how to cancel, and who owns the rights to the pictures. The contract is meant to protect both of us and make sure we’re both on the same page throughout the whole process. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or worries about the contract. I’ll be happy to talk about it with you.

This is actually something I really enjoy: eloping in places like the Faroe Islands and Iceland. I’d love to hear about your plans for an elopement or wedding at a place and help you make them come true.

To reserve the date, there is a charge of twenty percent that must be paid. The second payment is due on the wedding day.

You need two things to hire me for your wedding.

I’ll give you a form to fill out to get some basic information. I take photography business seriously. We aim to capture the fun and memorable moments of your photoshoot by ensuring accuracy in all important details.

A signed contract and 20% deposit are required to hold the date after the contract is completed. The final payment is due on the photoshoot day.

photographer-copenhagen-aleks Jakobsons-portrait



I’m excited to help you write your own story now that you’ve seen a bit of mine.

Let’s stoke the fire of your imagination and create something truly unique. Don’t wait any longer to start documenting your life’s most precious moments.

Your ideal photo shoot is just a message away, so please fill out the form below.