Your Elopement Guide of Getting Married in The Faroe Islands

Getting Married in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, a hidden gem in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, provide a stunning setting for couples planning an unforgettable wedding day. With its breathtaking scenery, tiny communities, and promise of a private ceremony amidst the beauty of nature, a wedding in the Faroe Islands is an unforgettable experience. This article dives into why these islands are ideal for your special day, offering firsthand accounts, practical guidance, and a step-by-step guide to planning your Faroe Islands wedding.


The History of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, a group of 18 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean northwest of Scotland and about halfway between Iceland and Norway, are renowned for their steep rocks, towering mountains, and a rich tapestry of history spanning thousands of years. The archipelago’s history is a fascinating blend of Viking heritage, Danish influence, and a distinct Faroese culture that has grown over the centuries.


The islands, with their compelling blend of past and present, tell a story rich in Viking origins and the development of a distinct cultural identity. Irish monks first lived on these islands in the sixth century, but Norse immigrants altered them in the ninth century by introducing Old Norse culture, language, and government. This Viking inheritance shaped the islands societal framework, heavily affecting its traditions and legal systems.

Under Danish authority in the 14th century, the islands experienced numerous problems, including economic woes caused by trade monopolies and the catastrophic impact of the Black Plague. However, these challenges forged a distinct Faroese identity, highlighting the value of language, folklore, and community.


Today, the islands are self-governing within the Kingdom of Denmark, with a thriving fishing industry and a rising tourism sector. Despite technological improvements, the people remain profoundly rooted in their tradition, enjoying it while navigating the path of progress. This blend of ancient customs and modern living emphasises the islands’ unique place in the globe as a symbol of resilience and cultural preservation.

How to Get to the Faroe Islands?

Despite their remote location, getting to the Faroe is more accessible than you might think, with several airlines offering routes from various continents. Here’s how you can embark on your adventure from different corners of the world and start planning your elopement.

From the USA

Travellers from the United States can get there by flying through major European hubs. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Icelandair are two of the key carriers that offer convenient connections through Copenhagen, Denmark, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Atlantic Airways, the Faroe Islands’ official airline, offers direct flights to the Faroe Islands’ principal airport, which serves as the starting point for your trip.

From Europe

For European explorers, the Faroe Islands are a short flight away. Atlantic Airways and SAS provide direct flights from Copenhagen, ensuring a seamless route for travellers flying from Scandinavia or connecting in other European cities. KLM also conducts flights through Amsterdam, providing another entrance from numerous points throughout Europe.

From Asia

Tourists from Asia can fly to major European cities like Copenhagen, London, or Paris. Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines operate flights to these hubs from a variety of Asian cities. Once in Europe, you can take a connecting trip to the Faroe Islands with Atlantic Airways or another European carrier.

From Australia and New Zealand

For people departing from Australia or New Zealand, the trip begins with a long-haul flight to a European hub. Qantas, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines offer flights to places such as London, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen. From these points, passengers can fly there with Atlantic Airways.

How to Get from the Vágar Airport to Tórshavn?

Once you land at the airport, the main gateway to the Faroe Islands, getting to the capital city is straightforward, with several options available to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are 2-3 different ways to make the journey from the airport to the capital of the Faroe Islands:

By Bus

The public bus is the most cost-effective way to get to Tórshavn from the airport. The airport bus service is scheduled to correspond with arriving and leaving planes, ensuring a smooth transition for passengers. It is approximately 45 minutes to an hour away and offers a picturesque ride. The bus leaves passengers off to Tórshavn’s primary bus station, from whence they may easily travel across the city. Tickets may be purchased directly from the driver.

By Taxi

Taxis are a convenient and private option for transportation. A taxi journey to the city provides the convenience of door-to-door service and is an excellent choice for groups or travellers with a large amount of luggage. The taxi ride takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions. It is best to settle on a fare with the driver before beginning your ride, or to check that the metre is running.

Car Rental

Renting a car gives you the most flexibility in exploring the islands at your own speed. Several car rental businesses are available at the airport, allowing you to pick up your vehicle upon arrival. Driving to Tórshavn allows you to explore the lovely landscapes along the way. The journey is pretty simple, with adequate signs and well-maintained roads heading to the capital.

Whatever option you pick, the ride from the airport to Tórshavn will undoubtedly be the start of a wonderful adventure, providing a first view of the islands’ spectacular beauty and distinct character.

4 Reasons to Get Married in The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, located between Iceland and Norway, are an archipelago of 18 islands renowned for their harsh landscapes, stunning peaks, and a sense of tranquilly that is difficult to find elsewhere. If your heart yearns for a wedding surrounded by pure nature, the Faroe Islands provide a background as unique as your love story.

The Unmatched Beauty

There are a tapestry of dramatic cliffs, emerald valleys, and quaint villages, offering a backdrop so stunning it feels like stepping into a fairy tale. Elopement here means your wedding photos will be nothing short of magical, capturing the essence of your love against the canvas of the islands’ unparalleled beauty.

Unique Wedding Photos

Your wedding images from the Faroe Islands will be a treasure trove of memories captured in the islands’ spectacular settings. From the legendary Múlafoss Waterfall to the mystical light of the Nordic sunsets, your love story will be immortalised in photos as unique as your romance.

Intimacy and Adventure

Travelling to the islands provide an intimate and adventurous experience that traditional weddings cannot match. You can exchange your vows in solitary surroundings surrounded by nature, then engage in an adrenaline-pumping activity like hiking, kayaking, or finding secret coves.

Making It Official: Eloping in the Faroe Islands

To conduct a legally binding ceremony in the Faroe Islands, couples must first receive a Notice of Marriage. While I strongly advise completing legal requirements in your own country, it is entirely possible to conduct both legal and symbolic ceremonies in this breathtaking setting amidst the beauty of nature.

When to Elope in the Faroe Islands

The most beautiful months for say “i do” in the Faroe islands are May through August, when the weather is most pleasant and the days are long. This time allows you to completely appreciate the islands’ splendour, from blooming wildflowers to nesting birds on the cliffs. However, for those who dream of a winter wonderland wedding, the islands in the colder months provide a snowy, picturesque location by the sea.

Top 6 Picturesque Spots to Get Married in the Faroe Islands

Embarking on a destination wedding to the Faroe Islands offers a unique opportunity to celebrate your love amidst some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. The island of Streymoy, the largest in the Faroe archipelago, is home to several enchanting locations that serve as perfect backdrops for your special day. Remarkably, all these spots can be visited within one day, believe me I tried it myself, making your wedding both magical and convenient.

Múlafossur Waterfall

Múlafossur Waterfall, located near Vágar Airport and is a breathtaking sight with water cascading into the ocean against a spectacular cliffside backdrop. This natural beauty in the village of Gásadalur is not only a photographer’s dream, but also a hotspot for puffins depending on the season. During my stay, these adorable birds added a wonderful touch to the breathtaking surroundings.


Gjógv, named after the Old Norse term for “gorge,” is well-known for its natural harbour and the quaint settlement that surrounds it. This charming area is distinguished by colourful cottages and a one-of-a-kind sea-filled gorge, which provides a quiet and stunning backdrop for intimate photographs. Couples can explore the charming pathways, take in the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the North Atlantic, and record their memories against the backdrop of this idyllic community.


Tjørnuvík, located at the head of a bay, is recognised for its dramatic black sand beach, which contrasts brilliantly with the towering cliffs and roaring Atlantic surf. It’s a peaceful area where couples may wander down the beach, admire the famed sea stacks Risin and Kellingin, and take in the islands’ natural beauty. The beach also provides an excellent view of the sunset, creating a beautiful setting for elopement photography.


Saksun, located in a natural amphitheatre high above a tidal lagoon, provides a fairytale setting with its turf-roofed church and traditional dwellings. The lagoon, which is accessible at low tide, and the surrounding grassy landscapes create a mystical and calm location for elopement ceremonies and photography. The tiny chapel, with its breathtaking backdrop, provides an outstanding location for exchanging vows in an intimate setting.


Tórshavn’s ancient town, Tinganes, is one of the world’s oldest sites for parliamentary meetings. With its tiny lanes, old turf-roofed homes, and a harbour studded with traditional boats, it emanates character and history. Couples can capture the essence of Faroese culture and history in photographs while strolling through the gorgeous and atmospheric alleyways of the ancient town.


It is located at the foot of Slaettaratindur, the tallest mountain in the islands, and features a quaint traditional church amidst a stunning backdrop of lush valleys and craggy mountains. This serene village provides a peaceful and solemn environment for photography, with the church serving as a gorgeous focal point amidst the breathtaking natural scenery.

Fossa Waterfall

It is known as the tallest waterfall on the islands, with waters pouring down in two stages, producing a breathtaking visual display. The area surrounding Fossá provides rich scenery and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the quiet splendour of Faroese nature. Visitors can explore the surrounding trails to find several viewpoint points that each show the beauty in a fresh way. The walk around Fossá is reasonably easy, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a calm escape into nature. Aside from the spectacular waterfall, the area is home to a variety of bird species, making birdwatching an enjoyable experience.

These elopement locations on Streymoy and Vagar Island not only provide breathtaking locations for photography, but also allow couples to immerse themselves in the Faroe Islands’ rich culture, history, and natural beauty. All easily accessible, these locations can be combined into a single, amazing day of celebration, making your wedding on the Faroe Islands a really unique event.

Elevate Your Elopement Day with Unique Experiences

Your elopement in the Faroe Islands can be as exciting or as relaxing as you like. Consider taking a helicopter trip to see the islands’ spectacular beauty from above, which is now more affordable thanks to Atlantic Airways’ subsidies. Alternatively, a driving journey across the islands or a walk along their picturesque trails provide a truly personal connection to this remarkable region. For those who enjoy the sea, a boat excursion offers an excellent view of the islands’ cliffs and shoreline.

Vendors: Crafting Your Dream Elopement

Choosing the proper vendors is critical to achieving your elopement goals. From florists who can capture the untamed beauty of the islands in your bouquet to photographers who can capture the magic of your wedding day, the Faroe Islands are home to creative specialists who can make your dreams come true.

Local Makeup Artists, Hairdressers, and Florists for your 

Based on my experience, I recommend local suppliers for your elopement. These specialists, who include makeup artists, hairdressers, and florists, are familiar with the local surroundings and will lend a local touch to your big day. Choosing their expertise provides high-quality service while also benefiting the local community, making your celebration even more significant.

Hair and Makeup:  


Savoring Moments: Where to Stay and Celebrate

Choosing where to stay in the Faroe Islands might add a magical touch to your elopement. Whether you prefer the convenience of Torshavn hotels or the appeal of hidden Airbnbs, the islands provide lodgings with quietness and breathtaking views. Below are some of my recommendations:


  • Hotel Foroyar
  • Hotel Brandan
  • The View
  • Hilton Garden Inn

airbnb – stay with a local:

I have stayed at Marjun’s home and would gladly recommend her. Here’s a link to her airbnb

Gastronomic Delights: Where to Dine in the Faroe Islands

The islands’ culinary culture reflects their rich tradition and the wealth of their oceans and lands. Traditional delicacies like as Skerpikjøt (semi-fermented mutton) and Raest (dried fish) showcase the local culture. The capital city has a variety of restaurants, so your elopement celebration will be complemented by memorable meals. See below for some of my recommendations:

  • Fiskastykkid
  • KOKS
  • Aarstova 
  • Barbara Fish House

How to Hire The Faroe Islands Elopement Photographer

Finding the ideal wedding photographer for your Faroe Islands adventure entails working with someone who is not just competent with a photography, but also intimately aware with the islands’ unpredictable weather, hidden landscapes, and local culture. You need a photographer who captures those fleeting, wonderful moments, someone who is as much a part of the scenery as the cliffs and sea.

That’s where I, Aleks Jakobsons, come in. I offer not only photography but an immersive storytelling experience, capturing your voyage against the stunning and mystical backdrop of the Faroe Islands, which I have personally explored. When you hire me, you are not simply hiring a photographer; you are hiring a partner who is willing to brave the weather and reveal the actual spirit of your Faroe Islands elopement, resulting in a vivid, lasting narrative of your love.

Getting Married in the Faroe Islands: Your Dream Elopement Awaits

Choosing the Faroe Islands for your elopement provides a unique combination of adventure, romance, and natural beauty. This location is ideal for couples looking for an intimate ceremony away from the masses, in an environment that feels like stepping into another world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to completely personalise your elopement in the wild, amazing Faroe Islands.

FAQ to Better Prepare for Your Elopement and Wedding in the Faroe Islands

The procedure entails selecting a site, filing all necessary papers, and arranging logistics such as dry cleaning for garments, hiring photographers, and scheduling hair and makeup appointments. Professional wedding planners in the Faroe Islands or Denmark may assist with customising and coordinating these details to create a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.

Couples receive an international marriage certificate in Faroese and English. While it is a legally binding document, you should consult with local governmental authorities in your home country to see whether any additional legalisations are required for its usage.

Vágar Airport is the Faroe Islands’ primary airport, offering flights to and from various European cities. Car rentals, taxis, buses, and even helicopters are available from the airport to other sections of the islands as part of the public transit system to reach more isolated places.

The Islands have a subarctic marine climate with cold summers and pleasant winters, marked by fluctuation and frequent change. While summer months might provide lovely days ideal for weddings, always plan for the likelihood of rain and wind and choose your date appropriately.

Yes, outdoor weddings are possible and popular in the Faroe Islands, which have wonderful natural settings. However, because to the unpredictable weather, it is best to have a backup plan or select sites that can provide refuge if necessary.

To give a distinct cultural touch to their wedding, couples frequently incorporate traditional Faroese aspects such as local music, dancing, cuisine, and even dress. Discussing these touches with your wedding coordinator or local vendors will help you easily incorporate them into your big day.

Hiring a photographer familiar with the Faroe Islands’ diverse landscapes and lighting conditions is critical. Consider scheduling a pre-wedding photo session to investigate places and discuss your concept with your photographer, making the most of the islands’ magnificent settings.

Yes, many of the Faroe Islands’ most scenic spots are on private property, requiring permission from the landowner for ceremonies or photography. Your wedding coordinator, photographer, or municipal officials can help you secure the appropriate approvals.



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