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Frederiksberg City Hall Wedding – Get Married in Copenhagen


Couples seeking a destination that blends elegance with history often choose Frederiksberg City Hall, a symbol of tradition and elegance nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, to exchange wedding vows. Its building, rooted in Denmark’s rich cultural tradition, serves as a lovely background for a stunning and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

The History of Frederiksberg Municipality

Frederiksberg City Hall, completed in 1942 and designed by Martin Nyrop, is not just Copenhagen’s government building but also a popular wedding venue. It replaced a smaller city hall when Frederiksberg’s population grew. What distinguishes it for couples is its Marriage Room, which is specifically constructed for wedding ceremonies. It has grown over the years to accommodate more services, but it has never lost its appeal as a site where couples begin their lives together.

Why Choose Frederiksberg City Hall Wedding?

Choosing Frederiksberg Town Hall as your wedding venue is more than simply picking a place; you’re opting for an experience that combines romantic beauty with the convenience and elegance of an urban environment. The City Hall’s closeness to numerous prominent Copenhagen monuments provides great shooting options, ensuring that your wedding book is as beautiful as the ceremony itself.

How do I get there?

Getting to Frederiksberg City Hall is simple, whether you’re going from inside Copenhagen or farther beyond. With convenient public transit choices, accessing this important location for your special day or visit can be effortless. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to get there from essential beginning places.

From Copenhagen Airport to Frederiksberg

To get to Frederiksberg City Hall from Copenhagen Airport, use the metro to Frederiksberg Station or Frederiksberg Alle Station (this stop is a bit further away). The travel takes about 30 minutes, and City Hall is only a short walk from the station.

From Hamburg (Germany) to Frederiksberg

From Hamburg to Frederiksberg, you can take a train to Copenhagen Central Station. The trip normally takes between 4.5 and 5 hours. Once at Central Station, take the Copenhagen Metro or a bus to Frederiksberg City Hall, which is 15 minutes away.

 Get Married at Frederiksberg City Hall

A wedding ceremony at Frederiksberg City Hall is a lovely blend of tradition and personal touch that lasts around 5 minutes. It provides couples with the unique option to add their own flair to the festivities, such as selecting special music or penning personalised vows, all in a gorgeous, historic environment. You must bring your own witnesses to the ceremony, but if travelling from afar makes this difficult, City Hall officials can assist you in arranging them. Make sure to submit all essential legal documents well in advance of your big day, and because City Hall is very popular, schedule your appointment early to secure your preferred date and time. Following the vows, the exquisite architecture and neighbouring Frederiksberg gardens are ideal backdrops for your first memorable images as a married pair.

Photography Spots near by Frederiksberg Town Hall

There are various pretty locations ideal for wedding photos, each with its own charm:

Frederiksberg Gardens

These verdant gardens, with lovely streams and the backdrop of Frederiksberg Palace, provide a blend of natural beauty and historical architecture, creating unique and stunning photographic opportunities.

Haveselskabets Have

Haveselskabets Have, located near by location above as well as Frederiksberg City Hall, offers an idyllic setting for wedding photos. The gardens provide diverse backdrops, from manicured lawns to serene water features. The natural light filtering through the trees creates a perfect ambiance for photography. Each season brings unique colors and textures, enhancing your wedding album. Use this picturesque location to capture timeless moments. The proximity to Frederiksberg City Hall makes it a convenient choice for couples. For a perfect blend of nature and romance, Haveselskabets Have is unmatched.


The Cisternerne, an underground museum in Søndermarken Park, offers dimly lit, water-filled passageways that create a fascinating and captivating environment for photography.

The Main Staircase at Frederiksberg City Hall

Inside City Hall, the grand staircase, with its stunning design and natural light streaming through the windows, is an ideal location for photographing important moments.

Landbohøjskolens Have

A modest, hidden gem and a botanical garden of the University of Copenhagen near City Hall, with a vast assortment of plants and groomed grounds for a serene and colourful photo backdrop.

JC Jacobsens Have

This garden, located in the well-known Carlsberg Byen, is named after the Carlsberg Breweries’ founder. It combines industrial history and lush spaces to create a unique and visually appealing backdrop that contrasts wonderfully with conventional bridal dress.


Each of these spots near Frederiksberg City Hall offers an excellent opportunity for couples to capture their wedding day through breathtaking photographs, ranging from lush gardens and ancient architecture to distinctive industrial backdrops.

A Serene and Picturesque Choice for Your Wedding Day

Choosing Frederiksberg City Hall for your wedding provides a peaceful alternative to the crowded Copenhagen City Hall and is ideal for individuals who enjoy greenery and parks. It’s an excellent choice because it provides access to beautiful photographic spots such as the calm main Gardens and the vibrant JC Jacobsens Have in Carlsberg Byen. This mix of a quieter atmosphere and plentiful natural beauty makes booking your wedding here absolutely worth considering for a day that is both calm and visually fantastic.


Getting Married in Frederiksberg – Everything You Need to Know

To book a wedding please contact the marriage office directly via their official website or phone. Due to great demand, it is best to plan ahead of time.

Valid passports, birth certificates, and proof of marital status are the common documents you will require. Non-Danish citizens may require additional papers, such as a certificate of marital status from their own country.

It is best to plan your wedding date at least 3-6 months in advance. During peak wedding seasons, you may need to book even earlier to ensure your desired date.

Getting married at Frederiksberg Town Hall may incur a small administrative charge, particularly for non-Danish residents. To get the most up-to-date information, visit their official website or contact them directly.

Yes, non-Danish citizens can marry in Frederiksberg City Hall. However, they must comply with all legal requirements and produce the required papers, which may differ depending on their country.

Nearby photographic places include Frederiksberg Gardens, Søndermarken Park, and JC Jacobsens Have in Carlsberg Byen, which offer great backgrounds for wedding photos.

The wedding ceremony in Frederiksberg lasts approximately 3-5 minutes, providing a brief but magnificent opportunity for couples to exchange vows.

Spring and early summer are popular due to the good weather and flowering gardens. Winter weddings can be especially lovely with the beautiful decorations.

All days except Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Wedding Photographer In Frederiksberg City Hall

Frederiksberg City Hall is a stunning choice for your wedding, with its historic murals and central location. Meeting your wedding photographer there allows me to discuss your vision, find the best photo spots, and plan the day.

With experience and a friendly approach, I’ll capture your genuine moments beautifully. The nearby Frederiksberg Gardens offer wonderful backdrops for your photos.

Interested in making your wedding memories perfect? Click “send me a message” and let’s chat about how I can make your day unforgettable.