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Best Wedding Venues in Copenhagen


How to Pick the Best Wedding Venue in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a city rich in history and modern charm. It offers a diverse array of wedding venues that cater to every style and preference, making it a perfect destination for your special day. Whether you envision a grand ceremony in a historic castle, an intimate gathering in a cozy boutique hotel, or a luxury wedding celebration in a contemporary space, Copenhagen has it all. This guide explores the top 21 wedding venues in Copenhagen, detailing their locations, styles, and capacities to help you find the perfect setting for your unforgettable event.


Hotel D’Angleterre

Kongens Nytorv 34,
1050 Copenhagen

  • Location: Central Copenhagen
  • Style: Luxurious, Historical Elegance
  • Capacity: Up to 250 guests
Photo Credit: Hotel d’Angleterre
The luxury in the heart of copenhagen

Hotel D’Angleterre stands as an icon of luxury in the heart of Copenhagen. This historic hotel blends timeless elegance with modern sophistication, making it an ideal venue for a lavish wedding. Located on Kongens Nytorv, it offers easy access to the city’s main attractions. The grand ballroom, adorned with crystal chandeliers and exquisite decor, can accommodate up to 250 guests. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Hotel D’Angleterre promises an unforgettable experience with impeccable service and refined ambiance.


Villa Copenhagen

Tietgensgade 35
1704 Copenhagen

  • Location: Near Tivoli Gardens
  • Style: Urban, Luxury
  • Capacity: Up to 800 guests
Photo Credit: Villa Copenhagen
Urban Elegance at Villa Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen, situated near Tivoli Gardens, offers a blend of urban sophistication and luxurious elegance. This venue provides expansive spaces capable of accommodating up to 800 guests, making it ideal for both grand weddings and large receptions.

The hotel’s modern amenities, combined with its historical architecture, create a unique setting for your special day. Its central location and stylish interiors ensure a memorable experience, perfect for a contemporary celebration in the heart of the city.


Nimb Hotel

Bernstorffsgade 5,
1577 Copenhagen

  • Location: Tivoli Gardens
  • Style: Fairytale, Boutique
  • Capacity: Up to 200 guests
Photo Credit: Nimb Hotel

Nimb Hotel, nestled within the enchanting Tivoli Gardens, offers a fairytale setting for your wedding. This boutique hotel combines romantic charm with luxurious amenities, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The hotel’s stunning architecture and lush surroundings provide a magical backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions. With a capacity to host up to 200 guests, Nimb Hotel ensures an intimate yet grand celebration. Enjoy exceptional service and exquisite cuisine, making your special day truly memorable in this iconic Copenhagen landmark


Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Slot, Kronborg,
3000 Helsingør

  • Location: Helsingør (40 km North of Copenhagen)
  • Style: Historic, Castle
  • Capacity: Up to 1,000 guests
Majestic Weddings at Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle, renowned as the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet, offers a majestic backdrop for a wedding. Situated in Helsingør, this UNESCO World Heritage Site combines dramatic history with grand architecture, providing an unparalleled venue for your special day.

Capable of hosting up to 1,000 guests, Kronborg Castle features vast halls and elegant courtyards ideal for large ceremonies and receptions. The castle’s timeless beauty and historic ambiance ensure a regal experience, perfect for creating unforgettable memories.


Odd Fellow Palace

Odd Fellow Palæet
Bredgade 28,
1260 Copenhagen

  • Location: Center of Copenhagen, close to the Royal Family’s residence
  • Style: Historic, Elegant
  • Capacity: Up to 250 guests
Photo Credit: Odd Fellow Palæet
Regal Celebrations at Odd Fellow Palæet

Odd Fellow Palace, centrally located near the Royal Family’s residence, offers a venue steeped in history and elegance. Its majestic rooms and refined decor provide a sophisticated setting for weddings, combining classical architecture with modern amenities.

With the ability to host up to 250 guests, this historic palace ensures a grand yet intimate atmosphere for your celebration. Enjoy a regal experience with exquisite surroundings, perfect for creating a memorable wedding in the heart of Copenhagen.



Frederiksberg Runddel 1
2000 Frederiksberg

  • Location: Frederiksberg Garden
  • Style: Historic, Greenhouse
  • Capacity: Up to 50 guests
Photo Credit: Paradehuset
Charming Greenhouse at Paradehuset

Paradehuset, located in the serene Frederiksberg Garden, offers a charming greenhouse setting perfect for intimate weddings. This historic venue provides a unique blend of natural beauty and classical elegance, making it ideal for a memorable celebration.

With the ability to host up to 50 guests, Paradehuset ensures an intimate atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery and stunning floral displays. Its distinctive setting creates a picturesque backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions, perfect for couples seeking a quaint yet elegant experience.


Vækst (COFOCO)

Sankt Peders Stræde 34,
1453 Copenhagen

  • Location: Central Copenhagen
  • Style: Cozy, Botanical
  • Capacity: Up to 100 guests
Photo Credit:
Botanical Bliss at Vækst

Vækst from COFOCO, located in central Copenhagen, offers a charming botanical setting for weddings. This cozy venue is characterized by lush indoor greenery and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Known for its focus on vegetables and sustainable dining, Vækst creates a unique and intimate environment perfect for nature-inspired celebrations.

With a capacity of up to 100 guests, it combines contemporary design with a touch of nature, making it an ideal location for a stylish and memorable wedding.


Manon Les Suites

Gyldenløvesgade 19
1600 Copenhagen V

  • Location: Central Copenhagen
  • Style: Tropical, Eco-Friendly
  • Capacity: Up to 80 guests
Photo Credit: Manon les Suites
Tropical Bliss at Manon Les Suites

Manon Les Suites, centrally located in Copenhagen, offers a vibrant, tropical oasis ideal for eco-friendly weddings. The venue features lush greenery, a rooftop terrace, and a unique tropical courtyard, creating an exotic atmosphere in the city.

With a capacity of up to 80 guests, Manon Les Suites provides an intimate setting for both ceremonies and receptions. Its commitment to sustainability and distinctive design elements ensure a memorable celebration in an urban paradise.



Dantes Plads 7,
1556 Copenhagen

  • Location: Dantes Plads, Copenhagen
  • Style: Neoclassical, Museum
  • Capacity: Up to 500 guests
Photo Credit: Glyptoteket/Ana Cecilia Gonzalez
Cultural Elegance at Glyptoteket

Glyptoteket, located at Dantes Plads, is a stunning neoclassical museum perfect for elegant weddings. This venue offers a rich cultural atmosphere with its impressive art collections and classical architecture, making it a sophisticated choice for your special day.

Hosting up to 500 guests, Glyptoteket features grand halls and a lush Winter Garden that provide a majestic backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions. Its unique blend of art and history ensures an unforgettable wedding experience.


Skt. Petri Hotel

Krystalgade 22,
1172 Copenhagen

  • Location: Central Copenhagen
  • Style: Contemporary, Luxury
  • Capacity: Up to 150 guests
Photo Credit:
Modern Luxury at Skt. Petri Hotel

Skt. Petri Hotel, centrally located in Copenhagen, provides a stylish and luxurious venue for weddings. This contemporary hotel blends modern design with upscale amenities, making it a perfect setting for an elegant celebration.

Capable of hosting up to 150 guests, Skt. Petri offers sophisticated spaces for both ceremonies and receptions. Its sleek interiors and prime location ensure a chic and memorable experience for your wedding day.


Charlottenlund Castle

Charlottenlund Slot
Jægersborg Alle 1,
2920 Charlottenlund

  • Location: Charlottenlund
  • Style: Historic, Castle
  • Capacity: Up to 100 guests
Photo Credit:Charlottenlund Slot
Host Your Dream Wedding at Charlottenlund Castle

Charlottenlund Castle, situated in the charming town of Charlottenlund, offers a picturesque and historic venue for weddings. The castle’s elegant architecture and serene parklands create a beautiful setting for both ceremonies and receptions.

With the ability to host up to 100 guests, it provides a perfect blend of intimacy and grandeur. The venue’s rich history and exquisite surroundings make it an ideal choice for a memorable wedding experience.


Østergro – Gro Spiseri

Æbeløgade 4
2100 Copenhagen Ø

  • Location: Østerbro, North of Copenhagen
  • Style: Rooftop, Urban Farm
  • Capacity: Up to 50 guests
Photo Credit: Østergro – Gro Spiseri
Eco-Friendly Charm at Østergro – Gro Spiseri

Østergro – Gro Spiseri, perched atop an urban farm in Østerbro, offers a unique and eco-friendly venue for intimate weddings. This rooftop oasis combines lush greenery with a rustic, farm-to-table aesthetic, creating a charming setting in the city.

Accommodating up to 50 guests, Østergro provides an intimate and sustainable atmosphere ideal for small ceremonies and receptions. Its distinctive rooftop location and focus on organic produce ensure a memorable and environmentally conscious celebration.


Langelinie Pavillonen

Langelinie 10,
2100 Copenhagen Ø

  • Location: Langelinie, central Copenhagen
  • Style: Modern, Waterfront
  • Capacity: Up to 400 guests
Photo Credit:The Langelinie Pavillionen
Waterfront Sophistication at Langelinie Pavilion

Langelinie Pavilion, located on the waterfront in Langelinie, offers a sleek and modern venue perfect for large weddings. The pavilion’s contemporary design features expansive glass windows that provide stunning views of the harbour, creating a beautiful backdrop for your celebration.

With a capacity of up to 400 guests, Langelinie Pavilion offers versatile spaces that can be tailored for both ceremonies and receptions. Its elegant interiors and panoramic views make it an ideal choice for a stylish waterfront wedding.



Refshalevej 163A,
1432 Copenhagen

  • Location: Former warehouse on Refshaleøen, Copenhagen
  • Style: Modern, Scandinavian
  • Capacity: Up to 200 guests
Photo Credit:
Scandinavian Chic at Aamanns

Aamanns, set in a former warehouse on Refshaleøen, offers a modern Scandinavian venue ideal for weddings. This spacious venue blends industrial charm with sleek design, providing a distinctive setting for your celebration. Known for its contemporary Danish cuisine, Aamanns creates a unique culinary experience for weddings.

With a capacity of up to 200 guests, it combines minimalist decor with a warm atmosphere, perfect for a memorable and stylish wedding.


Schooner Boat

Skonnerten Halmø
Admiralkaj, Toldbodgade 31, 5. sal,
1253 Copenhagen

  • Location: Copenhagen Harbour
  • Style: Nautical, Historic
  • Capacity: Up to 80 guests
Photo Credit:Skonnerten Halmø in Google Page
Nautical Romance on a Schooner Boat

Celebrate your wedding aboard a historic schooner boat, moored in Copenhagen Harbor. This nautical venue combines the charm of traditional sailing ships with a unique waterfront setting, offering a distinctive backdrop for your special day.

With the capacity to host up to 80 guests, the schooner provides an intimate yet adventurous atmosphere. The wooden decks and classic rigging evoke a sense of timeless maritime elegance, perfect for creating memorable wedding moments with the picturesque harbor as your backdrop.


Trekroner Fort

Trekroner Fortet
Trekroner 1,
1259 Copenhagen

  • Location: Copenhagen Harbor
  • Style: Historic, Fort
  • Capacity: Up to 120 guests
Photo Credit:
Maritime Majesty at Trekroner Fort

Trekroner Fort, situated in Copenhagen Harbour, offers a distinctive historical venue for weddings. This 19th-century fort provides a unique maritime setting with panoramic views of the harbour and city skyline, perfect for a memorable celebration.

With a capacity of up to 120 guests, Trekroner Fort combines historical architecture with a scenic waterfront location, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a venue that merges history and natural beauty.


Skodsborg Kurhotel

Kurhotel Skodsborg
Skodsborg Strandvej 139,
2942 Skodsborg

  • Location: North of Copenhagen
  • Style: Luxury, Wellness
  • Capacity: Up to 250 guests
Photo Credit: Kurhotel Skodsborg
A Luxurious Escape at Kurhotel Skodsborg

Skodsborg Kurhotel (Skodsborg Spa Hotel), located just north of Copenhagen, offers a luxurious and wellness-focused venue for your wedding. This elegant hotel combines stunning architecture with serene surroundings, providing a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 250 guests, Skodsborg Kurhotel features beautifully designed event spaces and top-notch wellness facilities. Enjoy a harmonious blend of luxury and tranquility, making your wedding both memorable and rejuvenating in this premier setting.



Pile Allé 14A,
2000 Frederiksberg

  • Location: Frederiksberg
  • Style: Classic, Restaurant
  • Capacity: Up to 120 guests
Photo Credit:
Historic Ambiance Meets Modern Luxury at Josty

Josty, located in Frederiksberg, offers a refined restaurant setting for weddings with its classic style and historical charm. Nestled within the lush surroundings of Frederiksberg Gardens, Josty provides a serene and elegant atmosphere ideal for both ceremonies and receptions.

The venue accommodates up to 120 guests and features timeless interiors, exceptional cuisine, and attentive service. Celebrate your special day in a sophisticated environment where tradition meets modern comfort.



Refshalevej 167G,

  • Location: Refshaleøen
  • Style: Industrial, Creative
  • Capacity: Up to 200 guests
Photo Credit: Pladeværkstedet
Industrial Flair at Pladeværkstedet

Pladeværkstedet, located in the creative hub of Refshalevej, offers an industrial yet artistic setting for weddings. This venue’s raw and spacious interior provides a unique backdrop, perfect for couples seeking a modern and unconventional celebration.

With a capacity of up to 200 guests, Pladeværkstedet blends industrial architecture with creative freedom, allowing you to design a wedding that reflects your personal style. Enjoy a distinctive and inspiring atmosphere that transforms your special day into a remarkable event.


Holckenhavn Castle

Holckenhavn Slot
Holckenhavn 1,
5800 Nyborg

  • Location: Nyborg (130 km from Copenhagen)
  • Style: Renaissance, Castle
  • Capacity: Up to 120 guests
Photo Credit:
Romantic elegance at Holckenhavn Castle

Holckenhavn Castle, nestled in Nyborg, offers a magnificent Renaissance setting for your wedding. This historic castle, with its grand architecture and beautiful gardens, provides a romantic and intimate venue.

Hosting up to 120 guests, Holckenhavn Castle features elegant halls and stunning outdoor spaces perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. The castle’s rich history and picturesque surroundings ensure a charming and memorable wedding experience.


Hindsgavl Castle

Hindsgavl Slot
Hindsgavl Alle 7,
5500 Middelfart

  • Location: Middelfart (200 km from Copenhagen)
  • Style: Castle, Historic
  • Capacity: Up to 150 guests
Photo Credit: Studio Vest
Historic Elegance at Hindsgavl Castle

Hindsgavl Castle, located in Middelfart, offers a majestic setting for your wedding with its historic charm and castle ambiance. This stunning venue is surrounded by picturesque parklands and scenic views, making it an ideal location for both ceremonies and receptions.

With a capacity of up to 150 guests, Hindsgavl Castle provides an intimate yet grand atmosphere. Its beautifully restored halls and lush gardens offer a romantic backdrop, ensuring a timeless and elegant experience for your special day.

Explore Copenhagen’s Diverse Wedding Venues

Copenhagen offers a diverse range of wedding venues that cater to various tastes and styles. From historic castles like Charlottenlund Castle and Christiansborg Palace to modern and creative spaces like Vækst and Østergro, there is a perfect setting for every couple. Whether you prefer a luxurious hotel, a charming restaurant, or a unique nautical experience, this city provides stunning backdrops and top-notch amenities for your special day. Each venue offers a blend of elegance, history, and unique charm, ensuring your wedding is memorable and perfectly suited to your vision.

As you plan your wedding, having the right photographer to capture these beautiful venues is crucial. You can explore my portfolio to see examples of my work and how I bring each venue to life through photography. For those visiting Copenhagen, my 3-day weekend itinerary can help you make the most of your stay, and my guide to the top wedding photo locations in Copenhagen offers insights into the best spots for unforgettable photos. These resources are designed to enhance your wedding experience and help you make informed decisions for your big day.

Tips for Choosing the best Wedding Venue in Copenhagen

  1. Define Your Wedding Style: Decide if you prefer a traditional setting like Charlottenlund Castle or a modern venue like Pladeværkstedet. Your venue should reflect your personal taste and wedding theme.
  2. Consider Guest Count: Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your guest list. For example, Odd Fellow Palace hosts up to 250 guests, while smaller venues like Østergro suit more intimate gatherings.
  3. Evaluate Location: Choose between central venues like Hotel D’Angleterre for convenience or scenic locations like Hindsgavl Castle for picturesque views. Proximity to transport and accommodation can be crucial for guests.
  4. Check Amenities: Look for venues that offer essential services such as in-house catering, sound systems, and decor. Venues like Nimb Hotel provide comprehensive packages that simplify planning.
  5. Set a Budget: Align your venue choice with your budget. High-end locations like Skodsborg Kurhotel offer luxury at a price, while places like Josty provide more cost-effective options without compromising quality.
  6. Visit in Person: Schedule visits to see potential venues firsthand. This allows you to gauge the space, ask questions, and visualize your wedding day setup, ensuring it meets your expectations.
  7. Assess Accessibility: Ensure venues are easily accessible, with ample parking and nearby public transport. Central venues like Vækst offer excellent access, while those further out may require additional transport planning.
  8. Review Restrictions: Check for any venue rules on decorations, noise levels, or event timing. Some historic venues like Bernstorff Castle might have specific regulations to preserve their charm.
  9. Consider Season: Choose a venue suitable for the time of year. Outdoor spaces like Hindsgavl Castle are ideal for summer, while indoor venues like Glyptoteket offer protection from winter weather.
  10. Read Reviews: Look at feedback from other couples to understand their experiences. This can provide insights into venue management, service quality, and overall satisfaction, helping you make an informed choice.


If you’re planning a wedding in Copenhagen, I offer more than just photography. With extensive knowledge of Copenhagen wedding venues, from luxurious hotels to unique locations, I can help you find the perfect backdrop for your special day. I know the city well and can recommend venues that match your vision and style.

Choosing me means you get a dedicated photographer who understands the importance of capturing your day beautifully. Let’s work together to create stunning memories in some of Copenhagen’s most iconic and picturesque settings. Contact me today to discuss how we can make your wedding unforgettable.