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Getting Married in Copenhagen: A Guide to Your Dream Wedding


A guide of getting married in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen is a beautiful place to get married because it is like a mix of fairy tales and modern life. Why should you have your wedding in the capital of Denmark? Its mix of old-world charm and Nordic style makes it a one-of-a-kind place for your ceremony. From the grand Copenhagen City Hall to the city’s beautiful streets and canals, Copenhagen will be a great place to start your lifelong journey together. Hopefully, this guide will help you to learn more information about marriage in Denmark so you can start planning your trip!

The Advantages of Getting Married in Copenhagen and Denmark

The Danish marriage system continues the country’s long-standing reputation for efficiency and simplicity. This Scandinavian nation is a popular choice for weddings because of its convenient location, quick service, and welcoming atmosphere. With the help of helpful hints and professional recommendations, this guide explores the many advantages of having your wedding in the capital of Denmark.

An Easy Beginning with Simplified Documentation

When planning a wedding, particularly one that takes place abroad, the maze of paperwork that is necessary can be extremely overwhelming. Denmark stands out by reducing this hassle, making things much easier for couples all over the world.

Important Points:

  • Unlike many other countries, Denmark does not demand that you provide proof of birth. People who, for whatever reason, might have trouble getting their hands on this document will find this to be an especially helpful feature.
  • Another bureaucratic hurdle removed: the need to provide proof of single status through certificates is no longer required.
  • Denmark’s marriage-on-a-tourist visa policy gives foreign couples more freedom and convenience when planning a wedding.

Time and Stress Saved through Efficient Government Processing

The long wait times for marriage applications in other countries are in sharp contrast to Denmark’s lightning-fast service. The Danish Agency of Family Law (AFL) guarantees a response to an application within five working days, as long as the application is sent in fully and accurately.

Efficiency at Its Best

  • Quick Turnaround: With a commitment to a five-day response time, Denmark offers one of the fastest processing times for marriage applications globally.
  • No Lawyer Needed: The process is straightforward enough that couples do not need to engage expensive legal services, further simplifying the journey to matrimony.

The Importance of Wedding Planning Agencies

Marriage in a foreign nation comes with its fair share of paperwork and regulations that can be a pain to navigate. With their expert advice and individualised service, the specialised wedding agencies in Denmark prove to be indispensable companions throughout the entire process.

Working with a Wedding Planner Has Many Advantages:

  • In order to make sure that your wedding planning goes off without a hitch, agencies offer a personalised service that is warm and dedicated.
  • These agencies can help you avoid common pitfalls that delay applications because of their in-depth knowledge of the AFL’s requirements.
  • The use of wedding agencies as go-betweens allows for more efficient communication with government agencies, which in turn reduces the likelihood of miscommunication and unnecessary delays.

Important Factors and Cultural Appeal

While a wedding in Denmark would be perfect, there are many factors to think about to make sure it meets your expectations.

Things to Consider:

  • Town Hall Availability: You may have to wait longer to tie the knot during busy seasons or in popular areas where town halls are in high demand. These worries can be lessened with preparation and adaptability.
  • Denmark on a Budget: Despite the country’s reputation for high living costs, there are ways to save money without sacrificing quality of life if you put in the time and effort to plan ahead.
  • Embracing Danish Weather: Whether it’s a warm winter ceremony or a lively summer celebration, the unpredictable Danish weather is all part of the allure of a Danish wedding. 

Making the Most of Your Wedding Photos in Copenhagen

Hiring a Local Photographer

Your wedding in Copenhagen will be immortalised with a perfect mix of old-world charm and modern elegance if you choose a photographer from the area. They are masters at making the most of the city’s scenic locations, such as Magstraede’s lively narrow streets, King’s Garden’s peaceful stretches, Rosenborg or Amalienborg Castle, and Frederiksberg Park. To guarantee that your experiences are captured in breathtaking detail, these photographers are well-versed in the way Copenhagen’s distinctive light falls over these landmarks.

Photogenic Spots in Copenhagen

They know Copenhagen’s rhythm and can offer the ideal times and areas to avoid crowds and enjoy the city. They make sure your wedding images portray your love story against Copenhagen’s stunning backdrop. Your wedding album will capture moments and convey a story about Danish traditions and Copenhagen’s architecture with their help.


Why is it easier to get married in Denmark

Couples looking for an overseas wedding venue often choose the capital because of its exceptional blend of ease, fastness, and personal touch. Danish marriages are not only easy to arrange but also memorable and stress-free because to the country’s streamlined bureaucracy, lightning-fast processing periods, and network of dedicated companies.

Final thoughts on getting married in Copenhagen

Danish weddings are simple, welcoming, and full of joy, so choosing to travel to Denmark to tie the knot there is about more than just the logistics. Your wedding in Denmark is set to be an amazing beginning to your life together, whether it’s because of the promise of quick processing, the charm of Danish culture, or the reduced paperwork involved. In addition you get a marriage certificate which is translated to 5 different languages: Danish, English, German, French, and Spanish.

Worth to note, there are also people who get married in Copenhagen and then decide to elope to another beautiful location near by. If you are one of those people who is thinking to elope to a beautiful destination like The Faroe Islands, right after getting married in Copenhagen, then have a look at my blog post here: Your Elopement Guide of Getting Married in The Faroe Islands . I am sure you will enjoy this beautiful location!


What you need to know when getting married in Denmark

People from other countries can get married in Denmark. The country has an easy process that doesn’t need much paperwork, which makes it a good choice for international couples. You can get married in Denmark even if you don’t live there.

Denmark has a high cost of living, but if you do your research and plan ahead, you can still afford to have your wedding there. Price changes depend on where you stay in Denmark, the services you want, and your own personal tastes. The simple way to get married in Denmark can also save you money that you would have spent on legal fees or a lot of paperwork in other countries. Please see the list below for prices that will change depending on which agency you choose to do the booking:

Prices start from:

  • €245 for a basic package up to €795 for a complete service. The government fee of €255 may be included or not, depending on the chosen package [5], [2].
  • Other services indicate a starting price of €440 or €470 per couple, which can vary based on the complexity of your situation [3].
  • For a more comprehensive service, including preparation and handling of all the necessary documents, prices are around €490 plus a Danish fee of €260 [1].
  • Copenhagen wedding packages and venues for foreign couples start from €750

If the application is complete and correct, the Danish government processes marriage applications in five business days. The time it takes from application to wedding day depends on how busy the town hall is and how you plan your day, but compared to many other countries, it is usually very short.

To get married, in most cases, you need a valid passport or EU ID, as well as a visa or residence permit, in order to get married in Denmark. In Denmark, you don’t need a birth certificate or a certificate showing that you are single to get married. If you’ve been married before, you might need extra paperwork, like a divorce decree or a death certificate for a former spouse.

Indeed, Denmark is a liberal nation that accepts marriages between LGBTQ+ people. Due to the uniform requirements and process of getting married for all couples, it is a well-liked location for same-sex weddings.

Yes, couples can choose from various town halls across Denmark for their wedding ceremony. Availability and specific rules can vary, so it’s advisable to research or work with a wedding agency to find a location that suits your preferences and timeline. People who choose to have the registrar in city of Copenhagen, can opt for having it either in Copenhagen City Hall or Frederiksberg City Hall. There is also a list of open air wedding venues across the danish capital. Ask your wedding agency and they will help you to choose a right place.

If the time or place of your first choice wedding hall isn’t available right now, think about other options. For an extra cost, ceremonies held outside of business hours may be offered, providing convenience for individuals who would prefer not to wait.

The weather in Denmark is not always predictable, particularly in the off-season. Whether you’re having a bright outdoor summer ceremony or a cosy indoor winter wedding, planning for the season can help make sure your day goes smoothly. Check the weather forecast frequently and make plans appropriately.

A wedding agency can give you personalised help, speed up the application process, and make sure all of your paperwork is in order. Agencies know how to apply for a marriage licence in Denmark and can help you avoid making common mistakes that could slow down the process.

In Denmark, you don’t need a lawyer to get married. With the right help, the process should be easy enough that couples can do it themselves via the wedding office or with the help of a wedding agency.

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